Get Involved

We’re looking for help! See below for ways you can get involved.

Convention Coordinator:
This is a volunteer position. This position will be responsible for working with convention prize and game coordinators. They will need to collect information about the convention and determine appropriate materials to send. The person will function as liaison between TimeLine staff and convention personnel. This person will need to verify that materials were received. They are also responsible to collect feedback from convention personnel and forward that to management along with any recommendations.
Expected time commitment will average about 4 hours a week. Length of commitment will be 1 year.

Contract Positions:

Author – Freelance:
This is where you have a concept for a game, module or supplement that you would like to create and have published.

You will need the following files. Game Evaluation Waver, Author Guidelines

Author – Independent Contractor:
This is where TimeLine has a project where an author is needed to write to our specifications. Usually these types of projects will be offered authors that have worked for us before. However occasionally due to schedule conflicts we will look at new talent.

You will need the following files. Non-Disclosure Agreement, Author Guidelines

Artist – Freelance:
TimeLine is always looking for artists. Most of our projects require work in a very realistic style. All artists will need to either be familiar or become familiar with the game background and setting. Specifications and background material will be provided but some research may be required.

Artist – Commercial:
This positon will be tasked with a variety of duties including but not limited to: converting existing analog artwork into a digital format, creation of logos and other design elements